Safe Crossing and Parking

Safety is one of our main focuses at Norwood School! Thank you to the Safety School Patrol we are assisting our students and parents in crossing at safe times at our two designated cross walks. We encourage all our visitors, parents and students to use the crosswalks. The front of our school is a bus zone and it is difficult for our bus drivers to see if children and adults cross infront of them (it is a no see zone, meaning the driver has a good chance of not seeing you).

Please be aware of the no stopping signs at the front of the school, this is a bus zone and not a drop off or pick up zone for students other than bus students (before and afterschool). Staff will kindly ask you to move your vehicle as we must assure the busses are able to enter, load and exit safely. We have 6 busses that stop at Norwood and they  may all arrive at the same time.

Thank you for being great role models -- students and parents and using our cross walks and parking in the appropriate areas.